I’m a t shirt designer and use Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator mostly. No video games will be played when i’m on working time, nor youtube 🙂

I learned about TeeSpring to the TWiT netcast network on an episode of The Week in Google. Develop an effort around a custom t shirt design, make use of a slider setting the absolute minimum cost and and another to establish the absolute minimum order needed to let the tshirt to be made. That’s it. The artist encourages the tshirt campaign to supporters as well as friends — if they buy into the minimal quantity, the tshirt gets made. Most importantly zero cash up front wanted!

It’s possible for you to go as low as the absolute minimum of 10 tops ahead of your top gets made. The cost fluctuates with respect to the design, variety of shades as well as depressions (front and rear), the grade of top, as well as the minimal threshold target. Fulfillment is handled by TeeSpring, also.

It’s a tool that is brilliant and that I envision this type of platform will be coming to a variety of goods shops — why don’t you and?! Unless the minimal order is reached nothing gets made. So long as the prices are covered, many people are happy.