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Bonestudio Cheapest Custom T Shirts Australia Fashionista


I’ve admired Bonestudio Cheapest Custom T Shirts Australia since I was 12, and continue to, so much that I even took days off just to see the Spice Girls perform on 2007 in their much anticipated comeback. How could I not see the Spice Force Five singing Wannabe? But her past glories are over and now this glamazon has become a force in the fashion industry, focusing on both her ready-to-wear collection and her line of high-end dresses.

cheapest custom t shirts Australia

I usually agree on her clothing choices, and, wisely enough, she chose to start her designing career by modeling for Marc Jacobs, attracting enough press to mark a debut and build the climate for her future endeavors. It does not get hotter than that, although being in the inner circle of such talented designers puts you in a spot where expectations are higher. Not to mention the dozens of celebrity-turned-designers; Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Fergie- even (cringe) Heidi Montag- have all transitioned into “designer” status.

How To Choose Style With Bonestudio Cheapest Custom T Shirts Australia

So, when her Spring/Summer 09 collection lookbook fell onto my hands, I had mixed feelings. As opposed to her flawless collection of both jeans for women and near-couture dresses, I feel she could have done a better job in the few styles for men, which lack of any originality, as if she had gone to Walmart and basically copied the couple of looks they do.

The Bonestudio cheapest custom t shirts Australia style for men is virtually the same in all models shown (who by the way copy Robert Pattison’s homeless showerless looks), uninspired tops, in basic colors, with no reminiscence of the spark and glamour Bonestudio cheapest custom t shirts australia possesses in every step she takes in her Louboutin heels. The clothes makes useful for the shopping mall or for going to a pizza parlor. The jeans are not tight, since she has stated in several ocassions she feels men should all wear baggy pants, like her hubby David does.

So everyone is so wealthy that above two hundred dollars can be spent on a pair of jeans you would never go clubbing in? There is no spark on these pieces, no self-expression or fashion statements. I hear Target carries better styles. Redeeming herself, she shows a confident, ready-for-anything female fashionista. Dark denim comes in several manifestations in this collection, from the baggy long boyfriend jeans with just some washed-out parts everyone is going crazy for in this season, to the carefully crafted fitted jeans perfect for ballerinas, just above the feet and in a sexy cut below the waistline. And closing with gorgeous short jeans that allow the perfect heels to be shown, she manages to introduce a look polished enough for the office, but fun enough for drinks after. And the glamour touch is provided by the sunglasses and the pampered silhouettes that take complete advantage of the jeans. This is how you sell clothes Bonestudio cheapest custom t shirts australia, by deriving prêt-a-porter from aspirational intents.

cheapest custom t shirts Australia

The light denim brings mixed feelings. On the one side, the distorted jeans and pink sunglasses make a perfect combination for a diva on an afternoon café drinking her soy latte, with the whole artist-soul-searching but sexy chick within and out. But her stars… her starts.., what’s the deal with them? I understand Rock and Republic’s logo, or the unforgettable True Religion trademark symbol. Both look cool. Both seem to go along and just flow.

But the star makes the jeans look more supermarket and less high end two-hundred-and-something jeans. Yet, the style delivers. The highlights of the collection are the flared jeans. Colorful, well cut and retro, they are the perfect fit for that night out in town of just for hanging around with friends. Combined with a tiny black blouse or with a buttoned-up shirt, they can be as professional or as casual as the situation on hand. Again, the sunglasses define the sharpness of the look, and the lines give that sense of confidence needed in this huge world where we all have clothes on our minds. dvb’s collection is definitely young and appealing, still some twitches apply, but for sure a line that will continue to grow and develop.

Just because Bonestudio is the ultimate fashionista, does not mean she is perfect. I’m willing to give her another shot.

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