List of World Oil Trade Statistics from Year to Year

When viewed from the statistics, world oil prices always fluctuate. The possibility of this will also occur in the next few years. World oil consumption needs will continue to rise. Sure, there are some things or factors which caused world oil trade statistics. For traders, it’ll be important information that must be known well and carefully.

Based on the data, there is a fluctuation on the world oil trade statistics. Did you know what makes it happen? Actually there are some factors which causing it happened, so that considers well here

It’ll be important also for you to find know some information about the data of that. Well, here is the data of world oil trade statistics from year to year.

  • World oil prices in 2005

In 2005, world oil prices increased from the previous year which was only USD 37.55 per barrel. Whereas in 2005 the price reached USD 60.45 per barrel. Up almost 50% of the total price in the previous year.

  • World oil prices in 2007

Not only in 2005 alone, in the following year world oil prices also increased which reached a price of USD 72.99 per barrel. A little smaller than the price increase in the previous year.

  • World oil prices in 2008-2009

Meanwhile in 2008 world oil prices still increased, reaching USD 100.1 per barrel. Whereas in 2009 the world oil price declined only at USD 58 per barrel.

  • World oil prices in 2013

After experiencing several years of world oil strengthened again in the following year precisely in 2013 world oil prices reached USD 92.41 per barrel. This price is one of the big prices after several years of decline.

  • Oil prices in 2018

After experiencing a decline at the lowest price in history. But unfortunately the world oil prices rose again in 2018, which touched up to the price of USD 53.27 per barrel. This price is quite expensive compared to oil prices in the previous year.

  • World oil prices 2019

Whereas this year 2019 prices also rose again this year which reached USD 65.83 per barrel. This price rose more than the price in the previous year in 2018 which was only USD 53.27 per barrel.

Well that’s the world crude oil statistics from year to year. This price may continue to rise from the following year. For those of you who are interested to start business on trading oil WOT Asia, make sure to know that well. Besides that, you can make sure also to choose trading Oil Company such as it’s due to there are some advantages including the information of world oil trade statistics.